So yesterday we did the presentation aspect of our movie reviews. The assignment we were given was to form groups of 3 – 5 persons, pick a movie with an entrepreneurial theme, watch it and prepare a written critique to highlight the aspects of the movie that we found relevant to the principles discussed in weeks one and two of teaching. We were also to prepare a presentation for no more than five minutes to communicate these themes to the rest of the class.

As mentioned in an earlier blog entry the movie that my group decided to watch was the 1994 film “Forrest Gump”. We didn’t get an opportunity to watch the movie together as a group as our timing always seem to clash, so we all watched the movie individually and then came together and discussed the movie and compiled the written aspect of the assignment.

Now for the presentation…..As all my group members are CARIMAC students who specialise in TV, I am pretty sure that everyone expected us to shoot and edit a video for our presentation. And I admit that that was my initial thought because I always opt for the option to always go infront of the class and just hit the play button and call it a day. However, we didn’t do a video, we role played instead 😀 ….yup, multi-talented is what we are. We developed a plot around the funeral service for Forrest Gump and wrote our scripts in the form of tributes.


Pastor – Andre Poyser

Lieutenant Dan – Yannick Morgan (no relation)

Mama Gump – Yunique Francis

Bumper sticker business owner – Leslie – Ann McDowell

Smiley face t-shirt business owner – yours truly


We didnt have someone to play the part of the dead corpse so we decided to use a vase and say that Forrest had been cremated (shout out to Yunique’s mom’s flower vase). I must admit that after only having one complete rehearsal of the entire skit, I was a bit nervous but I figured that we could always just free style if we forgot our lines. My only problem was that we would start laughing throughout the funeral which would really kill the mood of the piece. I was literally in tears for the entire presentation, not fake tears that I had practised but real tears from laughing so hard. I had to try so hard to contain myself.

All 10 groups that presented took a different approach to the assignment and demonstrated a lot of creativity in the pieces. From re-enactments, to skits, to tv shows…there was even a small harlem shake video in one of the presentations. Good job class….But at the end of it all, there could only be one winner of the ultimate prize of tickets to the movies plus spending money for the group. Honestly, when the announcement was made for the 2nd place group, I really was not expecting that my group would claim first place. BUT…….we did *fist pumps….So Congrats team, we did well.